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Earlier this year while speaking to a customer they shared with me a shocking story. They had told me that two years ago their chimney was swept and inspected by an uncertified chimney sweep and that they were given the ok to burn. Shortly after beginning to burn that season their house had caught on fire from their chimney and it was devastating. For the next year they had to live in hotels and rented houses while the damage was being restored to a livable condition again. When analyzing what took place to find the cause of the chimney fire it was abundantly clear that if the proper inspection was done with the proper equipment all of this tragedy could have been avoided.

ProSweep takes your families safety very seriously and strives to be the most thorough in all of our inspections. This is why we offer our ProScan service using Chim-Scan video inspection equipment. With this equipment we are able to inspect the interior of your chimney with more than just a flashlight. We are capable of seeing every crack and gap that may cause problems in the future.

Keep your family safe by hiring the best, ProSweep.

chimney fire damage

Damage from a chimney fire

chim scan internal video scanning

Damage caused to flue lining due to a chimney fire

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chimney fire damage
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Internal video scanning equipment we use


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